Tuesday, April 9, 2019

April 2019 Technique Class

My April technique class was on April 5th at the Local Bean coffee shop in Hudson NC.  We concentrated on three techniques that have been around for awhile--Faux Mother of Pearl, Faux Silk and Waxed Paper.  We made the following 4 cards using these techniques.  No two cards will be the same.

The first two cards use the Mother of Pear technique which requires Glossy Paper, Sponges, Ink Pads, Stanpin' Up Frost White Shimmer Paint and Plastic Wrap.  Sponge light colors on glossy paper and then scrunch up plastic wrap add some paint to it and dab it on the glossy paper covering the whole area and then let it dry.

The next technique Faux Silk requires tissue paper, stamps and ink and white glue and sponge applicator. Stamp design over tissue paper larger in size than the image you want.  On cardstock the size of the image you want put a thin layer of white glue over the entire surface set aside.  Now take the stamped tissue paper and crunch it up and then lay it on a clean surface face down take the glued cardstock and put that glued part on the tissue paper and press down make sure ends are glued down.
Then cut the edges to fit cardstock or fold over and glue down.

The last technique uses Waxed Paper, Cardstock cut to size, Iron, Paper Towels, Ink and Sponges.
Cut waxed paper larger than cardstock piece, crunch up the waxed paper,  Heat the iron to highest setting no steam when iron is hot you are ready -spread the waxed paper over the cardstock put a piece of paper towel over it and iron, hold iron in place several minutes to make sure wax transfers to cardstock remove the wax paper and sponge ink on the waxed cardstock surface once covered with as much color as you want finish the card.